An Ode to Ocean…

A vast ocean,

With all horizons out of reach.

Yet, every wave,

With dreams and mysteries coiled in,
Spills new thoughts,
Shows a dream,
that I take my first plunge in this ocean of vastness,
and wash away the mind,
that throws up memories.

My heart splits open,
comes out a liberated child
who just knows dance, wildness and love.

My soul gives up
A translucent veil, soiled with reflections of the past
I so proudly wear.

Little by little answers came with waves,
I gathered few shells of dreams.
I found solace, few exceptional truths.

I learnt, though pain resides in every heart,
though few minds simply refuse even to dream.
The endurance of love surely bears its fruit.

I left the ocean
with a deep feeling of calmness
yet dreaming of that pearl
which lies down under that ocean of love.

Is it a dream too hard to fight?
And no one could help me believing,
that I am striving for the right.


The first shower!!!
And as the rain loosens itself,
I felled in love with the life again.

I listen in to the song nature hums.
It rings a bell for all of us.
It’s time to tune in to the song we all forgot,
That chord we forgot to strike,
The rhyme which mind failed to retain.

While in the life’s chorus,
We all were busy,
Chanting the mantra of success,
Learning the song of delight.

The first splash and the abundance squeezes itself,
Sending out a squirt of wetness,
Moistening all hearts which remained dried.
While in the ocean of life,
We were seeking a single wave of tenderness, a single tide.

Doesn’t mind still crave of an urge unfulfilled?
That petite desire which hides itself.
To be Happy from inside.

Ending the search to be blissful,
Probing grounds to hang about.
Gathering causes to be occupied.

Today while standing on the life’s cliff,
Gazing at the rain.
I still find within a mind
That refuses to grow.
Declines to remain confined.
A heart within, that desires to cheer,
yearns to grow in easy delight.
A spirit within, keen to let the rains pour in,
Drench my body and soak my soul.
Till all the shyness gets washed out,
which cloaks the sanity.
Till the adulthood resigns.

I gain a heart of an infant,
which finds no reason,
Futile to be glad,
No cause vain to simply smile.

The Day ends…

A day mundanely flips away, bringing it to the night,
Which seems to darken in the very similar way.
Mind-numbing toil, the newness slackens off,
Finding staleness, tugging it away.

The twilight pulls it out of the warmth
The cold darkness descends,
And with skilled silent strokes,
Sketches a mix of cobwebs and shadows,
Hanging all over the place,
A bizarre picture of the discarded day.

Even the most-distant memories,
The night gruesomely brings.
Those hollow deserted aisles,
Groves of grotesque twisted trees,
Far aloft, their arms wave away.

I, till now, so strangely, at ease,
With a seizure, step into the darkness.
The nightmare will soon return,
The day culminating into emptiness,
Wasting all its wishes, all its hopes,
Squandering it away.

But today the night is different.
In these moments of clamour and dread,
I find a sudden silence,
I find a sudden solace.

I suddenly realize I am not alone.
I find many other hearts passing out.
Many others stumble their heads against the wall.
When they reach the end,
When they close their day.

Cold Truths

I never wanted heights of closeness,

Never thought of being your part.

I yearned to take a plunge

And delve into the depths of your heart.

Some “Cold Truths” I found.

But don’t fret, I never let out any.

I left you pristine.

But they gave everything, an icy chill.

They lent everything, a frosty sheen.

But when this ice melts with traces of desire.

And my feelings erode away.

So close still, I find you.

My heart still tingles with your feelings.

My mind still trembles with you.


From the summit of my brain
A desire broke, eager to flow like
a lake which melts from a glacier.
And instead inside,
a shower of fire erupts.

I found myself quivering wildly,
till the pulse stops shaking and the body glides away.
A rattle forms within!!!

My head buried in the pillow of need,
A cry escapes into a hiss.
A guilt struggles for breath
A noise smoothens into gasp of bliss.

And I want to wake you
You are in the bed two feet away.

A serpent pulses through me,
caught swirling lazily,
Rattling devilishly and playfully
Asking you to come and dance with it.

Looking into the mirror with my reflection
Same eyelids, same hair, same glance,
I found there a serpent eating her own tail!!!

And soon you and me,
caught into violent dance,
A passion of pain,
Injects venom into those moments
which dies its own slow death.

This night differs
As it negotiates our old pact and speaks of a new deal.

Now during the nights
When the breeze creeps in through the window,
Our backs arch and the bodies churn,
The fingers claw and we bite into the flesh!!!

Out of a tie still hushed,
Yet wider and louder now.
A relation has evolved,
which makes sharper hissing sounds.

A pattern has been altered,
Ugly stitches dropped,
And fresh, challenging threads picked up!!!

A bond is relieved of all the words,
As it is full of its own meaning!!!