The Day ends…

A day mundanely flips away, bringing it to the night,
Which seems to darken in the very similar way.
Mind-numbing toil, the newness slackens off,
Finding staleness, tugging it away.

The twilight pulls it out of the warmth
The cold darkness descends,
And with skilled silent strokes,
Sketches a mix of cobwebs and shadows,
Hanging all over the place,
A bizarre picture of the discarded day.

Even the most-distant memories,
The night gruesomely brings.
Those hollow deserted aisles,
Groves of grotesque twisted trees,
Far aloft, their arms wave away.

I, till now, so strangely, at ease,
With a seizure, step into the darkness.
The nightmare will soon return,
The day culminating into emptiness,
Wasting all its wishes, all its hopes,
Squandering it away.

But today the night is different.
In these moments of clamour and dread,
I find a sudden silence,
I find a sudden solace.

I suddenly realize I am not alone.
I find many other hearts passing out.
Many others stumble their heads against the wall.
When they reach the end,
When they close their day.

Cold Truths

I never wanted heights of closeness,

Never thought of being your part.

I yearned to take a plunge

And delve into the depths of your heart.

Some “Cold Truths” I found.

But don’t fret, I never let out any.

I left you pristine.

But they gave everything, an icy chill.

They lent everything, a frosty sheen.

But when this ice melts with traces of desire.

And my feelings erode away.

So close still, I find you.

My heart still tingles with your feelings.

My mind still trembles with you.