An Ode to Ocean…

A vast ocean,

With all horizons out of reach.

Yet, every wave,

With dreams and mysteries coiled in,
Spills new thoughts,
Shows a dream,
that I take my first plunge in this ocean of vastness,
and wash away the mind,
that throws up memories.

My heart splits open,
comes out a liberated child
who just knows dance, wildness and love.

My soul gives up
A translucent veil, soiled with reflections of the past
I so proudly wear.

Little by little answers came with waves,
I gathered few shells of dreams.
I found solace, few exceptional truths.

I learnt, though pain resides in every heart,
though few minds simply refuse even to dream.
The endurance of love surely bears its fruit.

I left the ocean
with a deep feeling of calmness
yet dreaming of that pearl
which lies down under that ocean of love.

Is it a dream too hard to fight?
And no one could help me believing,
that I am striving for the right.

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