A life spent prudently and played with all the rules learnt from everyone, even from swindlers, crooks and fools, no offense meant to anyone, after all everyone has his own lesson of strength to lend and resilience to share.

In midst of all this, doesn’t mind crave sometimes to idle away time on useless things or just loiter around aimlessly?

Does “loitering “sound a bit offensive so let me call aimless wandering? It is no less than an art.

That’s what I did a few days back. It was a beautiful Sunday evening. It was a bright evening, I felt elated. Face flushed with a sense of carefree irresponsibility, I walked with a spring in my step. I was all in mood to enjoy my leisure. Should I turn left or right? I was free to choose.

The way I walked I felt as if many gave me an amused look and I kept walking, panning my gaze all over, and pausing once in a while to feast my eyes on any attractive object that arrests my attention.

A beautiful model on a large billboard in front of me seemed to gaze at me, “Where are you going?” she pursued. Nowhere, I said. She seemed to stare at me for a moment and soon seemed to be wearing a look of perplexed dejection as I walked off.

On Sunday evening, every place looks simply swarming with people that no one gives attention to anyone.

And in midst of all this crowd, I simply seem to blend well, when I realize that in spite of being still counted as disadvantaged as compared to the people who are rich, famous or have a striking personality, I can still enjoy the marvelous benefits of insignificance and the being a part of anonymity.

If it hadn’t been would I have been able to enjoy myself with such carefree abandon and this kindda carefree irresponsibility.

The road side stalls and all the eateries crowded with noisy families bashing away regardless greedily demolishing the heaps of food before them seemed to satisfy my own need of satiation.

In that noise, I could sense a tranquil ambiance, so comforting and flattering emerging in my heart that I could really surf through my hearts content, and simply lost myself into that wonderful state of timelessness I experienced that time and I realized it happened because I was totally engrossed into doing something I loved.

Shall I go further wandering through the streets where every person seems to give some news, everything has a novelty and every poster has its advice to lend. Or shall I simply head home???

In that silent walk, all of us…the houses, the stones, posters and the sky held a long friendly conversation on the possibilities which were endless!

The freedom to enjoy life and win its ultimate reward, a happiness you gain when you really cease doing the things you have to do. You stop valuing time and you achieve its highest value. What reward could be greater than a life enjoyed as it is lived?

So do discover the art of wandering and you can trade in the art of living from the business of living.

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