Love is What……We All Seek

He entered the room carrying a yearning to plunder in his eyes,
Those say that he wants to mince her

Eyes which either carried a certainty that those moments
when he simply pounded her were always the righteous ones.
Or guilt they carried, borne out of a deep human need…
A desire not ready to forgive the last rejection with ease.

A repression, ample in size mercilessly,
Ground her deeply,
She suffering a miserable loneliness, was trampled,
And she kept spreading like specks of sand…

A brawl continued, she kept struggling out of
Assumptions society loaded on her back
Doctrines of marriage absurdly narrated out.
A frame of mind was put forward to her, which she accepted.

And then she also kept remembering with a strange fondness
Those moments
While those fists were little tender
When the ceremonies of marriage were on.

The Struggle Continues……..

As she is unaware that what needs now that she needs to burst
Not-so-like a Pretty Pink Bubble.
But dazzle as the dark falls over the Fool’s Paradise
For the oppressed- BE the fighter!

Let’s put stop to this struggle
Which would continue as it listens to liars,
Instead of their own noisy conscience
and simply ignores the dejected souls piercing cries.

Now the time has come
Tell him that
There would be no explosion from the core of my body.
Forget the summits you always could achieve.

Kneel down,
Call me your queen
With that grazed throat of yours,
And say that now you understand my that soaring pain

I would let you crawl and climb me,
But treat me as when you had started to fall in love with me.
Let you melt and untie my frozen heart
Make me look at you with awaken eye.

Let those moments bring
Roses, roses coming from within my heart and spread thoroughly
Looking like
As if some wound which was kept hidden from the sight
has unceasingly started dropping blood.

And you lovingly wrapped a bandage
A moan left your throat could be your last one!!!
However it is enough tribute to conquer my heart,
As only love is what we both need to seek!

The unbelievable is already nothing
It is love what we need to hunt for
And believe me
I would awaken my eyes for you and my heart would melt away.


  1. Abhash Kumar Boral · June 21, 2016

    lovely read..

  2. Sweta Ojha · May 20, 2017

    A very important message. I am thankful to you for this post.

    • SUMEDHA · May 20, 2017

      Thanks for reading.. I am glad you liked it

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